Tragic lion! The ostrich aggressively attacked the lion king’s ball to punish him for stealing their eggs

Ostriches are large birds, but they have a very strange habit of burying their heads under the sand whenever danger or enemies appear.

The lions have made many viewers “cold” before the cruelty of wild nature with the extremely brutal slaughter of ostriches.

Not long after seeing the first ray of sunshine in their lives, baby ostriches were able to follow their parents in search of food.

However, their first steps in life quickly turned into tragedy before the lionesses.

Because, the lions did not miss the “God-given” opportunity when rushing to attack and try to kill the ostriches.

Although many of them quickly escaped, there were still many “brothers and sisters” that had to die before the clutches of the “lord of the grasslands”.

Finally, the mother ostrich appeared, kicked the lion to death, carried her cubs on her back and made a spectacular escape.