The lion painfully endured the rhino’s hard horn penetrating its body when it risked its life to attack the baby rhino

The rhinoceros is one of the largest land animals in existence. Not only that, they also possess incredible self-defense. Therefore, it is almost impossible for rhinos to become prey in the wild, regardless of whether the enemy is a lion, crocodile or hyena.

The video recorded in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya (South Africa) proves this, when the lions cannot find a way to attack an adult rhino.

Despite the lions constantly surrounding and running around looking for an opening to rush in, the rhinoceros calmly turned around, and pointed its extremely sharp horn towards the attacker.

With its size, many commenters say that the rhino looks like a “tank”, but has the ability to rotate 360 degrees extremely flexible. Thanks to this superiority, it is almost impossible for lions to jump on the rhino’s back like other prey.

After a siege, the lions gradually realized the fact that no animal can hunt rhinos in the wild.