10 siege lions attacked an adult buffalo, but the cunning prey made the lions helpless to watch it leave

This incredible scene was recorded by tourists in Kruger National Park, South Africa. In the clip, 3 lions rushed into the lake and tried to tear down the huge buffalo. Meanwhile, other lions were waiting on the shore. However, because they could not hold on for long, the 3 lions fought back to the shore.

After escaping the bite of 3 lions, the buffalo rushed ashore and tried to find a way to live.

This somewhat insane decision of it did not work when the lions immediately rushed to close. A tense confrontation ensued.

Under pressure from predators, buffalo had to retreat to the swamp and entrench. It finally made the smarter decision to swim to the other side and make a spectacular escape.

Losing their prey right in front of them, the lions could only watch with pity.

Watch the video here