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The ferocious lions attacked the elephant that was lost from the herd, jumping on its back one by one and biting into the body of the pitiful prey with their teeth and claws.

Responding to barbaric attacks with the fangs and claws of the lions, the elephant also tried to continue to rotate to knock the attacker away.

Jesse Nash, a journalist in New York who witnessed the event, said he watched helplessly as the lions attacked the elephant because he could not help and could not “break the laws of nature”.

“I know that is the law of survival in the wild. But the moment I witnessed the unequal battle, I felt it was cruel,” Nash said.

Thoughts that the lone elephant would become delicious prey for the hungry lions. However, the lions that had the majority advantage still had to give up before the elephant because the prey fought fiercely.

After a long battle, the elephant turned the tide, attacked the lions and finally escaped unscathed. To celebrate the victory, the elephant joyfully clapped its ears, ran and splashed with its trunk.

After losing the battle, the lions left the scene and found a buffalo as supper to replace the elephant that had just escaped.

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