Thought it had become the crocodile’s delicious bait, but suddenly the hippo rushed to rescue the wildebeest from the crocodile’s sharp teeth

The clip was recorded by tourists in Kruger National Park, South Africa. While drinking water close to the edge of the lagoon, the wildebeest suddenly caught the crocodile’s sight. Predators seem to have won the game when they grab the leg of their prey.

After eight minutes of struggling to find a way to escape, the spirit began to get tired and seemed to have no strength left to fight. At this time, the new crocodile slowly drags its prey into the water to start its meal.

However, two hippos from behind suddenly rushed in, rushing straight into the crocodile causing it to let go of its prey midway.

Not letting the opportunity to be wasted, wildebeest immediately rushed ashore. Although it escaped, this animal probably could not survive long because with its injured leg it could lose its life at any time.