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While wandering around looking for food in the grassland, a herd of zebras caught the sight of a female lion. Realizing this was an opportunity to find himself a delicious meal, the hunter decided to rush out in pursuit.

This time its chosen target is a baby zebra. However, as soon as it attacked its prey, the lion was countered by the baby zebra with a powerful back kick. After receiving a “heavenly” kick to the face, the lion had to give up chasing its prey.

In the world of wildlife, lions are one of the most notorious predators. Thanks to their inherent strength, plus sharp teeth and claws, they often hunt and kill large animals such as buffalo, wildebeest, wild boar, zebra… for food.

Although zebras are lions’ favorite prey, this is also a prey that is not easy for them to catch. Not only that, zebras also have an extremely effective self-defense weapon when running away, which is a powerful kick that can make any predator wary.

According to calculations by biologists, although they are in the same horse family, the zebra’s kick is much stronger than that of a horse. This impact force is enough to break the jaw of a crocodile, lion or some popular hunting species in Africa.

In fact, it has been recorded that zebras can kill a 280 kg male African lion with just one kick to the body.

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