The cobra collapsed, hit by a fatal blow from the mongoose and was torn into pieces

The cobra and the mongoose were drawn into a life-and-death fight, and no one survived in this fight. The video records an extremely fierce battle between a mongoose and a dangerous opponent, a cobra.

At the beginning of the video, it can be seen that the mongoose seems to have been hit by many attacks from the cobra. The venom paralyzes it, making it almost impossible to move. However, the civet still rushed at the enemy without hesitation, despite the danger.

It tries to bite its opponent, while the cobra constantly moves to avoid being bitten. At some point, the mongoose suddenly stopped, seemingly preparing for the final decisive attack. Indeed, the mongoose stalks the vulnerable enemy, then grabs the snake’s neck and squeezes it tightly with its teeth.

After a while of fighting, the mongoose was so tattered that it could not move. The venom from the cobra’s bites seemed to have penetrated it, causing the animal to go into anaphylactic shock. As for the cobra, due to many fatal bites, he could only lie on the ground, struggle, and breathe his last breaths.