Terrifying: the komodo dragon swallows the goat in just 30 seconds

A shared video has attracted the attention of the online community when an adult Komodo dragon calmly swallows a mountain goat to the horror of viewers.

The video begins with a scene of a Komodo dragon, as if smelling something, constantly searching the lawn. Moments later, it discovered the body of an immature mountain goat, lying dead nearby.

It can be seen that the goat is not small in size. However, instead of biting the prey like in many cases, the Komodo dragon immediately rushed to “swallow” the poor animal like the way a python usually does.

The head of the goat was suspended from the jaws of the bloodthirsty reptile, and the lower body was quickly crushed in the mouth of the predator. In about half a minute, the Komodo dragon, with its sharp teeth like a crocodile, finished its lunch.

Watch the video here