Passionate about drinking water, the kangaroo was torn to pieces in the river by a giant crocodile

The saltwater crocodile is the largest living reptile in the world. Males average 5 m long and weigh about 500 kg. They can spend days or weeks drifting at sea and along rivers to hunt. They can eat fish, mammals, and birds but will kill anything they come across, including sharks and humans.

In the clip, a kangaroo is caught in the sights of a giant saltwater crocodile. With just a single attack, the reptile easily defeated his prey and got a hearty meal.

This kangaroo knows nothing of the fate that awaits it. It wanders looking for a way to quench its thirst.

Hiding at the water’s edge is a crocodile’s favorite tactic, approaching so quietly that even the most cautious and elusive creatures are caught by surprise.

Use the powerful tail extractor to push the whole body forward. Through the water, the crocodile’s sudden attack was quick and powerful. With the strongest bite force of any living animal on earth.

In the end, the kangaroo became a hearty meal for the ferocious crocodile