Leopard In Danger When Fighting Alone With The Impala Family.

According to Caters News, the jaguar spotted the Grant’s antelope roaming the grasslands of Ndutu, Tanzania, and decided to make the animal dinner. It sneaked up close, pounced on the antelope and prey to the ground.

However, the jaguar seems to be facing a worthy opponent and a fierce fight breaks out as the brave antelope tries to counterattack to preserve its life. Just when the jaguar seemed to have grabbed the prey, the antelope suddenly used its hind legs to deliver a full-fledged kick to the jaguar and escaped.

Stunned by the antelope’s counterattack, the jaguar watched his prey escape and looked for another target.

The dramatic confrontation between antelope and jaguar was captured by photographer Wim Van Den Heever of Pretoria, South Africa, in early April. Wim shared that he has spent his life searching for this rare sight.

According to Wim, April is when the young are developing, bringing with them many predators in the area. The low grasslands of Africa are full of jaguars.

“We looked for a jaguar and picked a young male that was hunting. We saw the leopard hunt Grant’s gazelle and it happened so quickly. We only had time to watch it when it grabbed the antelope. “, said Wim.

Wim shared that jaguars are always cooperative hunting for heavy prey, but this male leopard is young and inexperienced. It chooses prey that is too large to take down.

“For a moment, the jaguar grabbed the antelope on the ground and I thought the antelope had no chance of survival, but eventually it escaped. We stayed to watch the jaguar for a while. It was tired. , exhausted and had to lie down,” Wim recalled.

“Grant’s gazelle is capable of killing jaguars, it’s a life-or-death battle between the two species. It took me 43 years to capture this hunting scene. It’s really rare,” Caters News quoted Wim as saying.