Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The video of this spectacular chase was filmed by Tarryn Rae at the Pilanesberg Wildlife Reserve (North West Province, South Africa).

At that time, a herd of wildebeest was moving without knowing they were about to fall into the ambush of a pride of lions ahead. When a lion suddenly appeared, the whole herd of wildebeest panicked and ran away while one unfortunate one ran in the opposite direction.

This unlucky wildebeest was immediately chased by the entire pride of lions, consisting of up to 8 lions. One lioness caught the prey, and immediately, the other lions rushed to claim their share.

The wildebeest exhausted its remaining strength, trying to escape several times but failed and became a tasty meal for the predators.

According to Tarryn – who had been a field guide at the reserve for nearly 5 years – the wildebeest made a serious mistake by running towards the pride of lions and paid for it with its life. The entire lion chase and takedown lasted about 3 minutes.

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