Giraffe’s Heroic Triumph: Witness the Jaw-Dropping Battle as Courageous Giraffe Outwits 8 Lions, Dealing Deadly Kicks in Spectacular Showdown

Video recorded on November 27 in the Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya, shows a mother giraffe protecting her cubs when a lion sneaks up on them.

The mother giraffe watches warily after the lion as it prowls around. Then, the fearsome predator moved to the back and suddenly rushed to attack the mother giraffe’s butt.

Attacked from behind, but the mother giraffe is still able to deliver a rear kick to hit the lion and run away with the baby deer.

While the mother giraffe managed to run away successfully, her baby was pounced to the ground by the lion. The owner of the video posted on the social network Newsflare said the baby deer was killed and eaten by lions afterwards.