Being bitten on the head, the wild boar jumped up and knocked the lion down to escape

While leisurely walking on the grassland, the wild boar suddenly got lost in the lion’s territory. Unfortunately, it became the target of a lioness.

Seeing the prey slowly approaching, the lion immediately took the opportunity to rush in and knock down the wild boar in an instant. Unexpectedly attacked, the wild boar counterattacked strongly. The fierce struggle created a chaotic scene with a cloud of dust.

Controlled by the lion by biting off its head, the wild boar struggled and struggled with the predator. At times, it has defeated the lion, but with its tenacity and adept hunting experience, in the end the victory is still in favor of the stronger.

The African wild boar is one of the most hunted animals. Due to its small size and low resistance, this animal can only run away when in danger. Therefore, when they are caught and cut down by predators, their chances of survival are almost zero.