beautiful kick… being chased too close the bison throws a fatal kick that causes the wolf to break its head and fly away

Taking down bison is extremely risky. But these wolves have hunted bison for hundreds, even thousands of years. They know what to do.

Storm and its pack must attack from behind. Therefore, they had to chase the cows away.

The cows knew that if they stood back and faced the wolves, they would have an advantage.

Sometimes these confrontations can last for days. But this coping strategy has no loopholes, there will be no wolves left. Finally the cows lost their temper and ran away.

I could see the wolves scouting the cows. They look for a young, or a cow in trouble.

in winter the cows had to leave their old paths and run through the thick snow, trying their best to outrun the wolves.

They disperse into the bushes, forcing the wolves to split up, reducing the ability of the enemy to hunt effectively.

But Storm doesn’t get distracted, it locks onto its target. It was a young cow just turned one year old.

Storm is a large wolf, it is enough to force this 300 kg animal to stop relying only on himself.

But as they dispersed into the bushes, the cows took one of Storm’s children with them into a one-on-one fight. it tries to bite the bull from the front and has to pay for this mistake.

I hope it doesn’t get hurt, a broken bone will be the end of its life. Wolves must always be in full power to be able to hunt bison.

The wolf still has much to learn from its father. With a lone wolf, killing such large prey is very dangerous. storm is older and wiser. After injuring the cow, it backed away. and wait for the prey to die completely.