15 wild dogs continuously attack young buffalo, making the mother buffalo helplessly run away

Wild dogs are named as one of the most successful hunters of the animal kingdom, the success rate is almost 80%.

Around 8am, we saw buffaloes in the distance and calves playing so we decided to take a closer look. As we approached, we realized that there was a large pack of wild dogs.

In the video, the wild buffalo herd discovered the young wild buffalo and rushed to attack, causing the adult buffaloes to panic and run away. The mother and the buffalo were separated from the herd. The mother buffalo struggled to find a way to save her child, but the pack of wild dogs was too large.

However, wild dogs rarely hunt buffalo, because this is too large a prey, but when they are too hungry and see the opportunity ahead, they will not ignore it.

In the end, the mother buffalo was helpless and ran away, leaving her young for the wild dogs to bite to death.